Fun Workshops For Young Writers!

All stories will be featured in KiDS NEWS & REViEWS blog and other media channels!

Lorrie Holmes

Publisher / Producer

Kid’s News Platform Gives A Voice To Young Writers

In each of Lorrie’s three Writing Programs, kids will be mentored to write professional quality content under Lorrie’s editorial guidance. Choose from three program options below!

Three Unique & Empowering Workshops!

Lorrie is excited to mentor your kids through the writing process to create their own stories in the forms of blogs, books and other fun forms of media!

Write Your Own News Story!

You can do this in class or at home! Lorrie will guide you through all the steps to create your very own new story for our popular kids blog.

Learn To Write A Book!

You can do this at school or at home! Lorrie will guide you through all the steps to write your very own junior novel, graphic novel, or picture book!

Create A Public Service Announcement!

Great as a one-on-one or group project! Share your thoughts, feelings, and opinions in your very own Public Service Announcement! Lorrie would love to help you write the lyrics and message and create props and act out each scene in your video to best share your message. This can be done in class or over Zoom! Your video will be featured on all KiDS NEWS & REViEWS channels!

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Mentoring Children Through Stories and Songs

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