Take the Hero Challenge

Kids helping kids

This is a project where kids can download the We Can Be Heroes song or digital book and at the same time help other kids.

Download the We Can Be Heroes song for just .99 cents and/or the accompanying digital book for an additional $3.99 (CAD).

10% of every download is donated to Ronald McDonald House.

Ronald McDonald House

Create a classroom project

When your classroom creates a project, we total up the number of your We Can Be Heroes downloads and feature you in a KiDS NEWS & REViEWS blog story. Your download total stays on file with us and you will be recognized as a donor in a letter when we present Ronald McDonald House with a cheque. 

Here’s what you do

Fill out the sponsorship form on this page with your school name and total number of downloads and we will include you in our contributor’s portion of the project.

Write a story

Write a story with your students about your experience with this fundraiser and it will be featured in our KiDS NEWS & REViEWS blog.

Find out more about the program

Read the KiDS NEWS & REViEWS featured blog post on the We Can Be Heroes Community Helper Program and find out about the positive impact that your classroom can have on the lives of the kids at Ronald McDonald House and their families.

Sponsorship information

Download now!

We Can Be Heroes digital book    We Can Be Heroes song

Contact Lorrie to discuss programs, pricing and sponsorship opportunities.


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