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Lorrie Holmes

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A Writer & Producer of Children’s Media

I am very excited to draw upon my vast background as a professional writer and Creative Arts Mentor which is where this all began. Within the classes, I have taught as an Early Learning Music Teacher, Creative Writing Instructor, and Early Learning/School Age Creative Arts Instructor, I have developed a lot of lesson plans. Many of these include sourcing or creating my own materials to use in various forms of Creative Arts to help my young and impressionable students GET INTO CHARACTER. From songs and music videos to Circle Time story extenders and even youth theatre themes – all of these products that I have published or produced in this company in collaboration with my team of industry professionals were born of these needs and tested in many classrooms and/or studio environments.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to keep learning fun in schools through the Creative Arts Themes that we produce for Early Learning Education.

Each year in both preschool and elementary schools, teachers search for fresh content to ENHANCE their curriculum. We create resources in the forms of print and digital picture books, animated music videos, original music, story extenders and even dramatic play props and stage settings.

Our main goal is to assist children and adults to get into character and have fun while they delve deeper into many topical subjects and issues important to the development of young children.  All of these resources have been tested by our Director, Miss Lorrie, in her own creative arts programs that she has lead in many classroom and studio environments.

Keeping ‘The Arts’ Fun in Schools!

At Lyrical Note, we pride ourselves on mentoring kids and youth to explore their creativity in a safe and encouraging environment while having a lot of fun getting into character.

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