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Be A Hero From Home

Be A Hero From Home

Our world has changed and we'd like to hear how it's affected you. What message would you like to share with the rest of us about the Coronavirus? Do you have an idea for a fundraiser? Or would you like to share a message with your peers or the public in general. ...

Our First Ever Everyday Hero

Our First Ever Everyday Hero

For the launch of KiDS NEWS & REViEWS, we have created our editorial lineup around the theme of The Everyday Hero. We did so because it’s empowering. It focuses on selflessness, bravery, and respect. On doing things for the sole purpose of helping others while not expecting anything in return. Our mandate is to focus on what we have to offer our society instead of what is lacking...

Lorrie Holmes

Lorrie is a publisher and producer of children’s media, a professional writer, early learning instructor, and a creative arts mentor.

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