Introducing Lyrical Kid’s Books

We are very excited to announce the launch of Lyrical Kids Books. These books will be professionally produced and written by kids for kids!

This will be structured in the form of a publishing mentorship program where editor/publisher, Lorrie Holmes, will work one-on-one, with young writers who have been invited to participate in this program. We are currently accepting applications ViEW APPLICATiON here.

This program will include Lorrie preparing an online lesson each week to be completed by these young authors with the intention of working towards completing a manuscript for publication.

“I am currently taking on 4 young writers to work with. The structure will include one weekly lesson with the goal of children submitting a chapter to me each week for review and editorial mentorship. We might work on the same chapter for a series of weeks, as long as there is progress being made at a professional pace with these young writers to coach them in how to move their work forward. They will do this with my editorial support. Each project will take approximately 6 months to complete.” Lorrie Holmes

Lessons will start off with a Skype call each week and followed up with emails and works in progress from Google Drive. By the end of the program, these young writers will have their books and/or graphic novels published at Lyrical Kids Imprints. They will then be offered to kids and teachers across Canada and the world. Lorrie explains further: “My goal here is for teachers to have books written by kids for kids that are of industry standard. I am so passionate about children sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions with each other, and especially, their creativity. This is very powerful stuff. Although I love writing my own content and will continue to do so, my main focus at this point in my career is to mentor children to spread their words with each other, and to open up the communication with adults by sharing with us on a deeper level so we can better understand and guide them in this ever-changing world. As a parent and a writing mentor, I am honoured to have created a forum to do this and plan to share these results with other children and their families and teachers to spread this organic form of communication.”

Looking forward to hearing from you soon with your applications!

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